Jury and Webmaster

European Women’s International Leadership Award > Jury and Webmaster

Radouan Bachiri

Moroccan by origin, since 25 years in Belgium, 20 years professional experience, including event organiser and consultant in public affairs and founder of NGO MG (Africa-Europe Partnerships).

Björn Hultin

Swedish public affairs and communications consultant, based in Brussels, specialized in Africa-EU issues.

Irene Kamanzi

Born in East Africa of Rwandan culture, activist for human rights and self-determination of populations – working now for an equitable energy transition.

Thao Kilbee

Born in Belgium from Vietnamese refugee parents, former international lawyer converted into model and visual artist.

Frank Schwalba-Hoth 

German by birth, European by conviction, global at heart – co-founder of the German Greens, first Green Member of the European Parliament, now adviser, coach and mentor.

Svetlana Spaic

Serbian by origin, Yugoslav at heart, citizen of the world by conviction, writing and cultural curating – as differences are our greatest wealth, I try to overcome our divisions.